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10 Great Reasons to Opt for Homegrown Food

Homegrown Food

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There are numerous advantages to be gained by consuming homegrown food instead of a store-bought variety. If you contemplating whether or not to grow food for your own consumption, here are 10 persuasive reasons why it is a good idea.

1. Fresh Food Always Tastes Much Better

You can’t deny the fact that fresh food tastes infinitely better. You can pick veggies or fruits in their perfect state and start enjoying them immediately.

2. Gardening Is Proven To Be An Excellent and Effective Workout

Gardening requires a significant amount of physical activity – all that planting, watering, raking, harvesting, and weeding can help you to easily burn a significant number of calories. The variety of exercises required can also help you achieve and maintain a healthier body and heart and reduce your stress levels. They are useful for boosting your body’s immune system, can increase your longevity, enhance your flexibility and mobility and aid your weight loss goals.

Digging the garden

3. It’s A Fun Activity

Gardening can be a fun activity. Many people find plucking weeds out to be a peculiarly fulfilling task and most gardeners develop a nurturing attitude to the plants they’ve grown.

4. Fresh Homegrown Food Is So Much Healthier

Apart from tasting delicious, fresh food is also healthier. Veggies and fruits start losing their nutrients steadily after they get picked. As more time passes, more nutrients keep draining away. Imported vegetables and fruits are often packed for a long period of time, which causes a decline in their nutritional value. Homegrown fruits and veggies may be picked immediately before eating them, which preserves the nutritive qualities of the produce.

5. Homegrown Food Is Cheaper

It is getting more and more expensive to buy food from the store. Firstly, you need to spend money on gas for getting there. Then, you have to spend money on the food, the cost of which can be wildly unpredictable based on what season and store it is. If you grow your own food, especially fruits, you can cut down on both these expenses and maintain your bank balance.

Cost Savings

6. You Have Greater Control Over What You Eat

By growing your food, you can manage every aspect on how it is grown. You can decide which pesticides that are going to be used – you can opt for chemical-based or natural varieties. You choose when to harvest your fruits and veggies. It is entirely your decision on what to grow and the quantities to be grown. By growing your food, you can ensure it is of a higher quality compared to the store-bought version.

7. Your Homestead Becomes More Sustainable

Are you interested in living off the grid? Homegrown food can greatly accelerate your path to self-sufficiency. It reduces your need to be reliable on the grid and helps you transform your homestead into a more self-sustaining place. That’s especially useful if there is a crisis, such as a pandemic, or you’re stuck in a dangerous emergency that affects your access to food and store supplies.

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Growing vegetables

8. Growing Food Can Prevent SAD

SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, can be caused by changes in the seasons. When the fall gives way to winter, many people report feelings of depression. This can be attributed to a lack of ample sunlight. A garden, in which you grow crops throughout the year, can help keep these feelings at bay, since you will continue to be be exposed to more sunlight outdoors. This longer exposure can prevent SAD from happening to you.

9. It Can Give You A Feeling of Contentedness and Satisfaction

Eating food that you have grown yourself can leave you satisfied in a way that can’t be fully expressed in words. There is a great sense of fulfillment in eating something that you have grown from a seed.

10. There is Less Wastage of Food

By growing your food, you will be able to trim back on the household waste that is generated. When you only harvest what you need and when you require it, you will not waste bags of food that have been left lying around to deteriorate.

Reduce food waste

In Conclusion

These are only 10 good reasons to opt for homegrown food – there are many more for you to discover. No doubt, once you start gardening, you will experience all the advantages to be gained from growing your food. Begin your gardening adventures today!

Top 10 Reasons to Opt for Homegrown Food

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