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Choosing The Best Organic Garden Soil

Organic Garden Soil

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If you are new to gardening and just starting out, you may experience confusion about what variety of growing medium you should use. There is such a large variety available on the market that you will inevitably ask whether some are better than others? Is organic garden soil worth it?

The success of any garden relies upon the condition of the soil. Poor soil produces inferior crops, while high-quality, productive soil will result in unbeatable fresh and tasty fruit and vegetables.

Some soils are definitely superior. You should avoid those that have been impregnated with harmful and noxious chemicals and pesticides and opt for organic gardening soils. These are rich in natural plant matter with added animal waste. They provide growing conditions that are abundant in nutrients and minerals. With good organic garden soil you will achieve a more ecologically friendly garden that is not contaminated by toxins.

By using chemical free soil, you will be contributing to the reduction of toxic run-off, which is a major pollutant in the United States. Your plants will flourish and grow stronger and healthier in organic soil because of the enrichment from animal fertilizer. Also, due to its makeup from natural sources, it tends to retain moisture for longer, thus reducing the need for frequent watering.

There are many brands to choose from. To help you choose a good organic garden soil, here is a selection of quality  gardening soils that are available in stores and online:

1. FoxFarm Ocean Forest Organic Potting Soil

Ocean and Forest Mix
FoxFarm Organic Garden Soil
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As the name implies this mix comprises ingredients from the ocean and the forest. It has a base of sandy loam, composted forest humus and sphagnum peat moss and it is enriched with bat guano, earthworm castes and fish and crab meal from the sea. It is a highly rated soil that is ideal for growing plants in containers and indoor gardening.

2. Sun Gro Black Gold Organic Garden Soil

OMRI Listed Organic Mixture
SunGro Organic Gardening Soil
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An OMRI Listed organic mixture, based on loam, perlite and pumice, that can be used wherever a light aerated soil is required. The final combination of ingredients depends upon geographical location. The mix is formulated by district so added nutrients and organic matter will vary. You should choose the product that is best suited to your growing region.

3. Burpee Premium Organic Growing Mix

Slow Release Nutrients
Burpee Organic Potting Soil
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Burpee growing mix is based on coconut coir which means that it retains moisture for longer between watering. It is enriched with Burpee plant food which slowly releases nutrients for up to 3 months. It is recommended for growing plants in raised beds and containers and is popular organic garden soil for indoor use.

4. Roots Organics Original Potting Soil

Composted Coco Coir Base
Roots Organics Gardening Soil
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This organic growing medium is based on composted coco fiber, blended with perlite and pumice to improve drainage. It is enhanced by the addition of a variety of high quality, organic ingredients, including soybean meal, bat guano, fish bone meal, green sand, glacial rock dust and more. This versatile mix encourages healthy plant growth and it can be used almost anywhere.

5. Nature’s Living Soil Organic SuperSoil

Concentrated Strength Organic Soil
Nature's Living Soils Gardening Soil
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This concentrated strength soil contains a host of nutrient rich ingredients, including bat guano, aloe vera, bone meal, fishbone meal and numerous microorganisms. These are slowly released to feed the plants from sowing to harvesting. So, all you need to do is water the plants. It is most suitable for planting in containers.

6. Miracle-Gro Expanding Planting Mix

Expanding Organic Soil
Miracle-Gro Expanding Potting Mix
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This soil is compressed coir with added organic plant food and is extremely light. When it is watered it expands to 3 times the original size. The result is a growing medium that is well aerated and more water retentive than normal soil. It is primarily designed for use in containers and raised beds. Remember, when filling your containers, only fill them one third full or use pre-watered mix.

In Conclusion

The above selection of gardening soils are a small fraction of the mixtures available. They provide a good starting point to find the growing medium that is right for you and your style of gardening. After some trial and error, you will find an organic garden soil that will deliver the best growing environment for your plants. Whichever variety you chose, you can be sure that, by purchasing safe, natural based products, you will have no concerns about ingesting harmful chemicals and you will be looking after the environment.

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