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Choosing the Ideal Aquaponics Fish

Aquaponics Fish

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If you’re looking for aquaponics fish, there is a lot that needs to be considered. From the fish availability in your location to the temperature of the water. There are many factors that are going to determine which fish species is right for you. Below, I take a detailed look at how to select the best aquaponics fish.

Which fish are available in your local area

There is only one place to begin, and this is with the availability of fish in your location. After all, there are some fish that are only available in certain areas. Barramundi is a prime example of this. This fish is readily available in Australia, but you are going to struggle to find it here in the United States.

The ease of obtaining fingerlings also makes a difference when choosing the best fish species for your aquaponics system. The most common fish species used in aquaponic tanks is Tilapia because they are readily available throughout most of the world. Koi carp are also popular and widely obtainable.

The laws in your location

Not only do you need to make sure that the fish you’re considering are available, but it is essential to check in with the rules and regulations.

Check in with the fish farming laws in your locality to be sure that the fish, you are thinking about using in your aquaponics system, is legal to rear in your area.

What do different fish species eat?

The diet that the species of aquaponics fish requires makes a big difference. Fish food nutrient availability and fish food choice can impact how much your system costs to maintain. Fish demand the proper balance of minerals, fats, vitamins, carbs, fats, and proteins so that they will grow healthy.

If you have a small-scale aquaponic system, it is advisable and convenient to opt for commercial feed pellets.

Fish can either be carnivorous, omnivorous, and herbivorous, so you will need to consider this carefully when you are determining what sort of fish are going to be right for your aquaponics system. You need to understand your fish’s requirements so you know what is needed to cater to them.

Fish have different breeding habits

The breeding habits of the fish are also vital when determining what fish to raise in your aquaponics system.

There are some fish species that will not reproduce in captivity. Other fish will reproduce quickly and easily, with tilapia being a prime example here.

In systems that have been poorly built, fish that reproduce quickly can cause issues, resulting in problems with fish stocking density.

You may also need to invest in further fish tanks for breeding fish to spawn, ensuring the young fish can be kept safe and as healthy as possible.

What is the filtration capacity of your system?

In addition to the points that have been discussed so far, your aquaponics system’s filtration capacity will determine how many fish you are able to keep in the tank in question.

This is a balancing act. You need to balance the needs of the species with the capacity of the plants, ensuring that the fish are not either under-populated or over-populated. The oxygen in the water can be disrupted if the fish tank is overcrowded, so this is critical.

So, what is the balance that you should be trying to achieve? A general rule of thumb indicates that for every gallon of water, there should be one-inch in terms of length of fish.

Space and size requirements of the fish

Be sure to know the adult size of the fish that you are thinking about raising, as this will determine the size of the tank that is required. The space that is available in your fish tank will determine the number and type of fish that are suitable for your system.

There are some fish that will require space to thrive, so make sure you find out about the maximum size that the adult fish can end up growing to. For instance, channel catfish can grow up to 50 lbs, and therefore, large ponds or large fish tanks are needed for the fish to thrive.

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Fish type and ease of maintenance

Some fish require little care. They’re robust creatures. However, there are then those that are very sensitive, meaning they cost a lot of money to raise. While you can get fish anti-fungal treatment for all species, the last thing you want is fish that require an extensive amount of care and treatment products.

This is why it makes sense to purchase a hardy fish that is immune to parasites and diseases, ensuring you will not spend a lot of effort, time, and money on maintaining your system.

Koi and Tilapia are both hardy fish, making them an ideal choice for anyone who is new to aquaponic growing. Trout, on the other hand, have higher demands when it comes to water quality.

Water temperature is critical

Finally, you need to consider the temperature of the water when determining what fish to purchase. There are some  fish that thrive in cold waters, whereas others require warm water to survive. Fish are cold-blooded, which means they do not have much ability to adjust to big variations in water temperatures.

Therefore, it really is critical to ask yourself if the fish you are thinking about growing is able to live in the temperature range that you will provide. Different species thrive at certain temperatures, and therefore, a steady temperature at the right tolerance range will ensure the fish are healthy and that they can grow more efficiently.

The temperature of the water can be gauged with a thermometer and maintained at the correct temperature with a heater/thermostat, such as the Orlushy submersible heater.

If you read up on aquaponics and gain more knowledge, you will discover that knowing the temperature preference of the fish and the temperature changes of the water are imperative when raising aquaponics fish.

In conclusion

So there you have it: an insight into some of the different factors that play an important role when you’re looking for the best aquaponics fish for your needs. I hope that this has helped to give you a bit of a headstart and a better understanding of what to consider when selecting the best fish for your aquaponics system.

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Ideal Aquaponics Fish

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