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Selecting Fast Growing Fruit Trees

Fast Growing Fruit Trees

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As humans, we don’t always have patience, do we? Some of us want fruits that are going to grow quickly, so that we can enjoy the fruits of our labor, quite literally! With that in mind, I have completed some detailed research and put together a list of fast growing fruit trees that you should plant if you want quick results.

What influences how long fruits take to grow on a tree?

There are many different factors that influence how long fruit will take to grow on a tree. The rootstock is one of the most significant factors. It has a major impact on the age when the plant will start bearing fruit.

There are a lot of other factors to consider as well. The individual variety is vital and this is something we will explore in this article. I will reveal some of the best options to go for.

If you want to plant a tree and get fruit off it within the same year, there are some things you can do, for example, you can plant trees that have been trained in a spindle-bush fashion, as well as opting for two-year-old apple trees that have been grafted onto the M27 rootstock.

My shortlist of fast growing fruit trees:

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The versatile Fig Tree

The first option that I recommend when it comes to fruit trees that grow quickly is the fig. Figs thrive in dry, hot, long summers, but they are also easy to grow in pots or as part of a landscape, and they will regularly regenerate if they freeze to the ground, during the winter. This makes them highly versatile and very easy to look after and maintain.

Figs are simple and easy to grow in fruit containers because they adapt effectively to constrained conditions. They actually enjoy being root-bound.

The fruits need to be ripened on the tree prior to being picked, otherwise they will not ripen when they are immaturely picked.

Self fertile Apricot

Apricot trees are very easy to grow in a garden at your home, and one of the main reasons for this is because they are self-pollinating. This means you can plant one tree only and you will still get fruit, which is always helpful.

These easy fruit trees perform effectively in cooler temperatures, but they do have a preference for complete sun.

You can get dwarf varieties as well, which can be grown in containers. For the very best planting results, it is advisable to buy a tree that is already one-years old and has a root system that is well-developed.

Apricot trees do not create fruit in the first year after they have been planted.

The juicy Mulberry

The mulberry tree definitely ranks as one of the fast growing fruit trees. In flower, these deciduous trees provide a touch of beauty, with abundant, white, delicate blooms. The fruit that develops on these trees look a lot like elongated blackberries and they come in a number of different shades, ranging from dark purple to red.

The trees have a preference for rich soil and full sun, but they are tolerant to partial shade.

You will also find it very straightforward to transplant mulberry trees, making them a good choice if you are looking for a good indoor fruit tree that can be planted into the ground at a later date.

Lemon – a popular citrus fruit

Lemons are one of the most widely used and recognized citrus fruits. Standard trees can reach in excess of 20 feet high.

They are one of the very few citrus trees that need to be pruned regularly to ensure the fruit is within reach.

One of the best lemon trees to go for if you want fruit quickly is the ‘Meyer’ lemon. A dwarf selection will thrive and fruit just as effectively when grown in a pot or container.

You will always be able to know when the trees are blooming as a consequence of the flowers’ intense fragrance, which smells incredible. An entire landscape can be perfumed with a single tree in bloom.

Lemons grow most effectively in western states where the humidity is lower and the growing system is warm and long.

You should plan to prune the trees frequently to maintain a small size for an early harvest.

The Strawberry – a summer favorite

Strawberries are definitely one of the fast growing fruit trees and easiest fruits to grow, so long as you can make sure that the rabbits and deer are kept away.

These fruit plants perform well in complete sun, and well-drained, moist soil.

The first year of your strawberry bed, you need to be brave and get rid of most of the flowers from the plants so that a good root system can be established.

Start harvesting the strawberries the year after you have planted them. The youngest plants will create the highest yield.

Strawberries also grow well in pots, either indoors or on the patio or deck. Specially designed, multi-tiered pots, such as the Mr Stacky 5 Tier Planter, have been conceived for this purpose.

Exotic Passion Fruit

The flowering vine passion flower is responsible for creating passion fruit. Not only does this tree produce delicious fruit, but it is a tropical-looking flower, which comes in many different colors, therefore adding a touch of beauty to your garden.

Most of the varieties of this quick-growing fruit vine are in the tropics and are perennial, and they also make excellent houseplants or annuals in climates with cold winters.

If you want to grow passion flowers, you should pick a spot that is sunny and has well-drained soil. The majority will flourish if they are grown too dry, as opposed to being too wet.

Passion fruit can even be grown indoors, and it is one of the best fruits for pots. You are going to need to wait around a year or a year-and-a-half before a full harvest of fruit presents itself.

The ever popular Apple

Apple is widely considered an easy fruit to grow. Out of all of the easy-to-grow, all temperate-zone fruit trees, it is the most widely adapted. When planted in well-drained soil and full sun, an apple tree will mature so that several families can be supplied with bushels of fruit.

You should expect to wait between three and five years after planting for the first full harvest of apples, although you will likely experience sporadic fruit prior to this.

Some varieties of apple, such as Golden Delicious and Braeburn, are self-fertile but many will require cross-pollination from another apple tree to fertilize the fruit. This should be a consideration when choosing a tree.

Apples are also some of the best fruit trees if you are looking for something that will grow in pots, so long as dwarf varieties are chosen, which will not become too big for the containers.

The Raspberry – for an abundance of fruit

Another one of the easiest fruits to grow in your garden at home is raspberries. Once you know how to grow raspberries and care for them, you will have enough fruit for your entire family.

When growing raspberries, the first step is selecting the right kind. There are two different types of raspberries; fall bearing and summer bearing.

Raspberries are rapid growers and they will create runners that quickly fill up a bed. If you want to ensure your raspberry brambles are kept restricted to a smaller scale, we recommend growing them in some form of container.

Varying colors and ripening times ensure that you can make the most of a harvest from raspberry bushes; right from the midsummer all of the way through to the fall.

Raspberries develop effectively where there is a cold and long winter that is followed by a cool and long spring. It is also necessary to have well-drained soil.

Pretty as a Peach

Select the right peach variety, plant it in the correct place and, with the right amount of TLC, you will be able to pick ripe fruit in just a year or so.

Peaches are some of the most popular and quick-growing fruit trees. You will find the best results if your peach trees have good airflow and get sun for a minimum of six hours per day.

If you are starting the tree within the ground, make sure that you use a ring of thick mulch around the trunk, as this will protect the tree from lawn mower damage and it will keep the soil moist as well.

You can grow peach trees in containers, but only if you are utilizing the dwarf kind.

These fruits, which are incredibly easy-to-grow, will ripen between the midsummer and mid-fall, depending on the Zone and the cultivar.

The healthy Blueberry

Last but not least, we have blueberries. Blueberry plants can thrive in virtually any garden, so long as they have a sunny spot and some acidic soil.

Blueberries are one of the quickest fruits to grow. These perennial bushes will tolerate a bit of shade, but they will not create as much fruit in these conditions, as they would if they were to grow in complete sun.

The majority of blueberries will require another variety near them to create a lot of fruit, so it is ideal to plant a minimum of two cultivars of the same type in your garden to guarantee successful harvests.

You can even grow blueberry plants in containers. The berries from these fruit plants are fast-growing, so they can be picked in two to four months after they have been in flower. They will produce fruit between one and two years after they have been planted.

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In Conclusion

So, there you have it: a roundup of some of the fast growing fruit trees that I recommend, if you are looking for quick results. I hope that this has given you some ideas and suggestions for your own garden space.

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Selecting Fast Growing Fruit Trees

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